Silver Falls State Park

What does it say when you hike 5 miles and your favorite shot is of the trail itself?

Look, It’s beautiful here and the waterfalls are nice and full but…..  I was here in the fall and the tonal range is just boring in comparison.  So why did I come back?  The short answer it because I could.  I was curious about the water flow and yes, I was rewarded with that:

Although I find the waterfall shots I took today to be boring, I like this.  It’s just a little creek detail.  I used a 10 stop Neutral Density filter to get the shutter speed down to 30″.  That’s 30 full seconds – as this is a 6 shot pano, it took more than 3 minutes just to make the picture.  I like that.

It’s always worth returning to a favorite place.  You never know how you’ll see it a different time.  I had a great day, a really nice hike and talked to some interesting dogs walking with nondescript people.  I got a few shots I like and the satisfaction of knowing that I brought a group here at the perfect time.  If you were in that group, I know that you agree.

Tomorrow I’ll find some new roads to get lost on and investigate.

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