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Archive for April 2019

Talking to Clowns

It’s great to be back in touch with Stinky Pete the Clown and Kat the Sword Sallower. I got a hold of them so I could send them an American Carnival book. Having them in the book makes the experience of being at the fair so much better.  So much more personal and somehow real. …

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Back to Blogging

Don’t worry!!  I’m not gonna bore you everyday with random thoughts.  I just want to let you know that the new books are on pre-order sale on Amazon.  American Carnival and How Did you Get That Shot will be out May 28.  I have the advance copies.  I gotta say – they look good!!!  Just…

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I’m new at this blogging thing, but I’m a good talker…… so…… I guess I’ll just talk here. I hope you’ll talk to me too. Your input is important to me. I have always loved to travel and photograph by myself. I publish because I like to share what I see. I lead workshops for…

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What’s a gray road?

Yellowstone Country is the first in a series of books of photographs taken all over the United States. They are not meant to be an exhaustive collection of photographs from each region. They are more a collection of places and things I see as I drive along. I travel 50,000 miles or so every year…

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