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Archive for May 2019

Lost in Oregon

I have these maps…… some of you have seen them.  They are plastic road maps of the United States. I mark every road I drive and photograph.  My goal is to drive and photograph every road in the United States.  No, I don’t really think I can do that, but trying sure is fun!! When…

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Silver Falls State Park

What does it say when you hike 5 miles and your favorite shot is of the trail itself? Look, It’s beautiful here and the waterfalls are nice and full but…..  I was here in the fall and the tonal range is just boring in comparison.  So why did I come back?  The short answer it…

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Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge

On the road again…….  where’s Willie Nelson when you need him?? Day one is my “get outa town fast” day, so I got on the 5 and went north at 70 mph for about 7 hours.  I was gonna keep going – but I saw a sign for the Sacramento National Wildlife Rescue. I grabbed…

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Leaving Monday

As my favorite newscaster always says – watch this space!!!!  I promise to bore you with my travels and thoughts as I roam the Pacific Northwest.  Aside from the Palouse Workshop (which will be amazing), I will be working to finish up my Pacific Northwest book for Schiffer Books.  Here are a couple of photos…

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