Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge

On the road again…….  where’s Willie Nelson when you need him??

Day one is my “get outa town fast” day, so I got on the 5 and went north at 70 mph for about 7 hours.  I was gonna keep going – but I saw a sign for the Sacramento National Wildlife Rescue.

I grabbed a room at the Willows Inn, a sweet little concrete block, 10 X 10 cell, where most of you wouldn’t stay.  It’s clean and nice and there’s nothing wrong with using the bed as a desk!  Anyway – I checked in and left for the Rescue.

It offered a really nice drive through ponds and grasslands.  I took about 3 hours to drive and photograph.  There are lots of common birds and a few I didn’t know.  There were these cool wildflowers growing in one of the ponds:

And here’s some wildlife:

All in all – totally worth the stop.  Tomorrow I’ll start looking for gray roads and by Wednesday freeways will cease to exist in my daily wanderings.

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